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151x die (15 points)
Dice gambling casino
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11x blood herb (1 points)
blood herb
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55x blood herb (5 points)
blood herb x5
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201x scroll of golden account (20 points)
10% more exp and houses above 25SQM + access to emotes like !pogchamp and !here + some free outfits
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101x scroll of instant blessing access (10 points)
bless access buy bless from temple npc with "all"
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151x sex change scroll (15 points)
sex change scroll
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251x scroll of rashid (25 points)
rashid access
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501x book of frag remover (50 points)
frag remover
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301x outfit doll (30 points)
outfit doll say /outfit all for list /outfit unlock,name to unlock outfit and /outfit name to change into it!
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201x postman scroll (20 points)
postman boxes all around map
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