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Feb 02 2019 -
Update #3
Update #3 is around the corner with map of City of Svargrond with customized outer spawns and such the only thing that will replicate the real tibia part is the city rest will be custom.

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Feb 02 2019 -
Players reported unnatural monster behaviour Fixed Frost Dragons Attack Types, Fixed Demon Attack Types, Fixed Sea Serpent Attack Types.

Addressed Headshot issue where monster could cast 4-5 spells at same time making massive damage to player monsters now hit with only 1 spell per turn along with melee attack fixed if player is beside the monster or running away from him.

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Feb 02 2019 -
#1 Update

Todays update introduces Goroma island available from thais boat

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Feb 02 2019 -
The person with the most frags by the end of february will win this t shirt:

Demonia Lowrate Server
I have been working hard on making demonia work to the best of my ability. Engine is ready I have addressed the bugs with fields, monster behaviour and added some new damagetypes such as Ice and Holy and its absorbtions for future items that will be introduced to the game.
I mapped my way to make sure that there is no waste of space in here so lets start it up.
Carlin Ghostland has been reedited to fit the needs of todays gameplay on the surface you will encounter enormous amounts of skeletons and in the underground the ghouls and even necromancers will be your foes. Pits of Inferno has been updated and now works correctly the only thing you have to do to get access to it is bring a pick.
it starts with passing poi DL' spawn ( no holy tible, blood needed) skipping the vocation fires and unlocking the stones with just 1 instead of 25 levers further you will have to go and unlock the ladder for others to rope the team this shouldnt be a problem for skilled team. after that it is the labirynth and you are in the teleport room.
Stages are set for mid-lowrate where tasks are ment to be bringing players attention.
under this link you can find basic server info:

Server Information
From Level To Level = 1-7
From Level To Level = 8-20
From Level To Level = 21-30
From Level To Level = 31-50
From Level To Level = 51-70
From Level To Level = 71-100
From Level To Level = 101~
Magic Rate = x3
Skills Rate = x5
Loot Rate = x2

- Balanced Vocations


- PvP-Enforced with Skull System

- Fixed the bugs with no loot dropping from players 100% containers 5% Items!!!

- Loot message [!loot on off]

- Task System enabled

- Amulet of loss cost 50k and can be bought by Eremo or you can use !aol and pay 60k for safety.

- 10k Promotion And Solo Desert Quest

- Guild Wars

- Party Share Experience (15% bonus experience(30% bonus experience on double shared event)

- No Protection Zones on Boats, Runes from NPC (1x charged) say bp mf or bp sd

- All 7.4 features!

- New spells exori frigo, exori san, adori gran frigo, exori mas, exori gran, exori hur, exana mort, exevo mas san.!

- PoI Dragon Lords and Quest are added to the game

- Runes can be bought by NPC! (1x). If you conjure them they are double charged.

- No blanks needed!

- Active Administration

Player Commands
!loot Use {!loot on} or {!loot off}, to enable or disable loot message; If your in party, open party channel to see the loot message!
!online Show online players.
!share To enable or disable Party Shared Experience.
!frags View the amount of frags your character have and how long they need to disappear.
/war Invite a guild to war check out Guild War section for more informations.
alito som PlayerName Sell a house you own to another player. Keep in mind to stay in house while your trade partner is near to you.
tasks list You can have upto 3 tasks at the same time.
repeatable 3x times You can have upto 3x at the same time

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