Elvera Online 8.6 | OTClient | Real Map |[Friday, 20th of January 2017, 18:00 CET] Jan 10 2017, 07:16:18 CET

Welcome players

Elvera Online is a brand new 8.6 real map server which is starting in the middle of January.
Elvera Online is a new project 8.6 which should people offer a new game experience, with it's OTClient it will make it impossible for players to use a common bot such as Elfbot or similar.
Based on the best TFS engine the server offers greatest monster behaivor and a lovely game feeling.
Unless like other servers, this one server is planed to stay forever.

Rates for Elvera Online are following:

From Level 1 to Level 50: 70x
From Level 51 to Level 80: 60x
From Level 81 to Level 100: 40x
From Level 101 to Level 140: 25x
From Level 141 to Level 180: 10x
From Level 181 to Level 225: 7x
From Level 226 to Level 250: 5x
From Level 251 to Level 289: 3x
From Level 290 to Level 315: 2x
From Level 316 to Level 330: 1.7x
From Level 331 to Level 359: 1.6x
After Level 360: 1.5x

Skills: 25x
Magic level: 15x
Regeneration: fast
Loot: 4x
Protection Level: 50

Red skull: 6 kills
Black Skull: 12 kills
Time to lose one frag: 12 hours

General Gameplay Informations

Hotkey Aimbot Enable?
Remove charges from runes?
Experience by killing players?
Login with more players in one account?
Replace player on login?
Free premium for everyone?
Stamina system enable?

Friday, 20th of January 2017, 18:00 CET




The client will be available to download on Thursday.


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Posted by: GM Fluppix