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13/10/2016[Website] A countdown on website will show which event will come up as next. Stay tuned for some real cool events!
11/10/2016[Website] Feel the changes! The new website layout is online now.
03/10/2016[In-Game] In future I will try to improve the performance inGame, so there will be no freeze's anymore!
02/10/2016[In-Game] From now on it is possible to buy backpacks of manafluids and backpacks of blank runes from npcs, simply say "bp of..", "backpack of.." or similar to the NPC and he will sell them to you!
01/10/2016[Update] The client version has been updated and offers now a tibia cam record function and some other helpful tools!



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16 Oct 2016 // by Administrator
General Server Informations:

The Server map contains every single sign, book, blackboard, etc.
Party Share extra bonus experience is 25 percent. (You need to be at least 2/3 of leaders level)
Free Premium to everyone!
Desert Quest is soloable!
Promotion costs 10k only!
Vials disappear on use!
No Protection Zones at Boat!
Loot Message can be enabled/disabled (!loot)
You can change gold/platinum/crystal coins on click use
UH traps/Parcel - parcel, uh traps works as it was back in 7.4 version
Task System will be enabled so you can start doing tasks in every city near depot
Anti-Dupe System - Every single object has it's own serial id, if it exists more than once, it will be deleted.

Server Rates:

From Level 1 to Level 7 = 10x
From Level 8 to Level 20 = 16x
From Level 21 to Level 40 = 14x
From Level 51 to Level 60 = 12x
From Level 61 to Level 70 = 10x
From Level 71 to Level 80 = 8x
From Level 81 to Level 90 = 6x
From Level 91 to Level 100 = 4x
From Level 101 to Level 140 = 3x
From Level 141 to Level 180 = 2x
From Level 151 to Level + = 1.5x
You will skill 15 times faster than original Tibia (Skill rate 15x)
You will magic level 10 times faster than original Tibia (Magic Level rate 10x)

Server Frag Informations:

You will need 4 unjustifieds to get a red skull!
You will get banned if you reached 8 unjustifieds!
You will lose one unjustified kill within 6 hours!

Regeneration Rates:

Sorcerer/Druid: 6 seconds / 4 health points - 4 seconds / 4 mana points
Paladin: 5 seconds / 4 health points - 5 seconds / 4 mana points
Knight: 4 seconds / 4 health points - 6 seconds / 4 mana points
Master Sorcerer/Elder Druid: 5 seconds / 4 health points - 3 seconds / 4 mana points
Royal Paladin: 4 seconds / 4 health points - 4 seconds / 4 mana points
Elite Knight: 3 seconds / 4 health points - 5 seconds / 4 mana points

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